What happens when a coven of luminous light beams gather to play with subtle magic, shape-shifting workouts and alchemical arts? 

The Art of Alchemy is a 7wk (online) Spiritual Gym program 
that will shape your body, your mind and your life.
Explore dimensions 
previously reserved for mystics &
turn a dull fitness routine into a
somatically-psychedelic experience.

If you're feeling a little 'bleh', 
a little stuck, uninspired or
burnt out...

If life’s a little lacklustre and 
you’ve found yourself wishfully thinking
- it could be more beautiful than this.

If you're ready for a fitness journey that 
revitalises your relationship
with Self and others.
One the "feels like a magic carpet ride" 
- a soul ∞ soma romance -
that lights you
all the way

This. Is. It.

the daily dose:
movement, meditation & a little metaphysical magic

This 7wk online journey
will quickly, elegantly &
- alchemically -
lift you into a lighter dance.
Now is the Time!
Be the artist of your consciousness & the alchemist of your energy. 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Hey, Bright Heart, Can i ask you a question?

When Was The Last Time You Felt Alive?

Really, truly ALIVE?

Maybe you’ve resigned some aspect of your life as ‘a lost cause’
Or denied some aspect of yourself because it doesn’t line up with what the rest of the world prescribed for you.

Maybe you're in an uninspiring season - feeling bogged in the minutia of the mundane
You're tripping on guilt, getting sucked into shame-spirals and leaking energy in an endless game of chase. You know the one...

The skinny, I’m-on-a-roll!, this’ll-last-forever phase. Until – what the hell happened?! – it doesn’t. Eyes are puffy, energy is waning and those skinny jeans? They’re tight again. 

That productive, wake-up-early-boom-let’s-make-this-happen radiance is short circuited by a back-to-square-one crash. 
And with each failed attempt, you’re left diluted, doubting and thus, distorting who you came here to be.
I know a new personal reality may seem out of sight right now.

You may even feel like your life doesn’t belong to you anymore…
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You get to tell the story!

You get to write your next chapter!

You get to decide if this is it - or if there’s a plot twist (of the most exquisite, life-expanding kind!).
It’s a choice and if you’re willing to say ‘yes!’ 
I’m here to hold your gaze - a steady, reassuring mirror - as you dance through the phoenix-fires of transmutation, into this inevitable story, of Self-Alchemisation.

What is Self-Alchemisation you ask?
It’s the journey of rebirth - of awakening latent potential and calling in all that you deeply desire for your life.
Maybe you can sense a brighter life, but you keep putting it off - deferring to another day...
Another life time?

What if you stepped into your power, completely, NOW?
Replacing excuses with the kind of meta-skills
that render your life, a masterpiece.

What if you learnt to love the process of turning agitation into art?

Finding elegant ways to bloom 
into the full magnificence of your

Tell me, boo
what would change
if you knew you were 100% worthy 
of living the visions you hold in your mind?

Of being the woman you dared to dream possible? 
Through this journey
you will find out.
This is your time!
Yes it is. Right now. This moment. This happening. Here. Now.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Your mid-week micro-dose: metaphysical downloads & themes drop in these sessions.
Saturday's Spiritual Gym Sessions: are where we anchor them in via movement, meditation & embodied experience.
This weekly rhythm keeps us in the current of momentum and change.  It's not militant or mechanical. We move like light beams already arrived at our heaven-on-earth dreams - the physical form is simply catching up.  
We weave our way through the following themes...

Alongside 12 x live sessions. You also receive:

  • Kintsugi Soul-Bowl: The Kintsugi (gold-mended) ceramic is yours, to have and to hold. A touchstone to re-mind you of your transformative journey. The kintsugi craft kit arrives in the mail prior to our start date. You can opt in or out of this art therapy component at checkout.
  • Activation Workout Guide: An animated guide so you can recreate some of the exercises, activations and embodiment practices at home. 
  • Guided Meditations & Magik Spells: downloadable audios so you can tuck these potent meditations and incantations in your back pocket.
  • Off-the-Mat-Enhancements: thematic take-aways, worksheets,  soul prompts, and complimentary resources are offered each week to help you suck the marrow out of this experience. The deeper you immerse, the richer the transformation.
  • Gentle Reminders & Support: via private Facebook group, whatsapp group and email
 Because it's time for feminine power to rise! When women quit picking themselves apart and channel that surplus of energy into restoration, re-creation and liberation, they'll find peace with their bodies, their whole selves and in turn, the entire planet.

There'll be a micro-to-macro shift. It's inevitable because they're inextricably linked. 

Imagine a world of wild, wonderfully alive women. A world of healing, harmony and grace.

A world that turns in beauty and balance.

Harmony here, now. 
Now is the time!
To warrior up! To be emotionally fit, energetically power-full, soveriegn and soul-full.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

what to expect

This experience is a love song for your soul. Deeply nourishing, radically shape-shifting, mysterious, cathartic and somewhat-shamanic.

The whole process is a coded to re-shape your life around pillars of deep nourishment, radical self-love, resilience, play and pleasure.
Swim amongst the crystal clear visions of your higher mind, dive deep into the depths of your heart with soul prompts and explorations of your inner world. 
Synch your body, breath and sound in a way that returns you to the centre of your power and presence, time and time again.
There’s plenty of therapeutic fitness - you’ll be working those mindset muscles, actively turning resistance into resilience and pain into power. Not in a go-hard-or-go-home kind of way. Spiritual Gym sessions recondition you to honour your body and respond skilfully to your desires, intentions, energy levels and emotions.

Within this container we'll also, excavate the epigenetic gold in gratitude. We dive deep into the art of mindfulness and re-route broken behaviours into habits that mint gold..

Week by week, we'll cultivate creativity, personal power, presence and the magnetic energy of your Soul through transformative breathwork and movement practices that shape your mind and psyche as much as your body.

The whole experience will produce a sense of enrichment, renewal and romance. Expect those falling-in-love feels
because you will be...

With your Self & this "one, wild, precious life." (Mary Oliver)

You will emanate spiritual beauty and well being and...

If you choose the TOUCHSTONE option, you'll finish with your very own Kintsugi masterpiece, to re-mind you of your innate alchemical power and the creative fires within.
This is your time.
To explore subtle-magic, self-renewal, therapeutic fitness and potent rituals of Self-alchemisation. 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

this is for you if...

  • YOU FEEL A LITTLE STUCK AND UNINSPIRED (CREATIVELY, EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY) Physically bleh (bloated, puffy, tired, weak), out of alignment or overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and burnt out.
  • ​​IT RESONATES: Alchemy. Does some part of you lean in when you hear that word? Close your eyes, whisper it in the silent space of your mind.. If something in your cells - in your soul - sighs, "yes". TRUST. You're not here by accident. The desires of your soul are always on point.
  • YOU DON'T WANT YOUR DREAMS TO JUST BE DREAMS: Here you will realise they don't have to be. Experience your creative potential and ground your dreams into the here and now 
  • YOU WANT MORE MAGIC: You want to be the artist of your life, author of your experience, feel creatively supercharged and TRULY know and experience your power to shape and re-shape your personal reality. To re-imagine and re-experience your body-mind and life. To render and re-render yourSelf as more finely tuned than before.
  • YOU WANT A COSMICALLY CONNECTED SISTERHOOD: We’re all in this together. At times this experience will feel like an intimate sister circle. The whatsapp text thread is always open so you can lean gently into one another’s hearts and be loved a little louder on days when you need extra care. This is a judgement free zone and all of you is welcome here - your pain, your shame, your anger, your joy, your light, your dark. All of you is welcome. As Ram Dass said “we’re all just walking each other home.”
  • YOU'RE READY TO FLY LIFE ON FREE WINGS: ​Unbound by cultural syphons and unconscious programs that deplete your energy and life force. You're ready to devote yourself, to your Self, fully. To create and assume your most beautiful life NOW and stop putting it off till later.
  • YOU'RE READY TO QUIT PICKING YOURSELF APART AND START BUILDING YOURSELF UP: ​Words are vibrations. The ones spoken inside your head matter. How are they shaping you? Who are they making you? Learn how to create a paradise. An internal soundscape that nourishes, revitalises and attunes you to a frequency of healing, wholeness and holy, divine beauty.
  • YOU PREFER TO DOWNLOAD THINGS EXPERIENTIALLY:  Nothing irrelevant. Just deep connection, distilled wisdom, enough space and time to metabolise, anchor, internalise and express.
  • YOU WANT IN-PERSON ENERGETICS: ​If you're journeying online you want it to feel as alive and steeped in presence as an in-person experience. You want to forget it’s online, feel yourself drop into the space in a relaxed, wakeful way. You want to feel the gentle pull of the collective, drawing you into deeper presence. I want this for you too.
change-evolution-revolution starts with the individual. It starts with you. Here and Now.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
How it works?
1. You sign up!!!
2. You get a welcome email with the dates, times and a little more on how we flow. 
Every session will be recorded if you can't make it live. 
We officially open the space on June June 17 (New Moon Vibes).
3. If you added The Touchstone to your cart at checkout, you will receive a special package in the mail before our official start date.
4. You will be admitted into the private FB group the day before our first live transmission.
5. Show up. Get Fit. Shape-shift and alchemise your body-mind and life-lit-large. 


Will I finish with my own gold-mended Kintsugi bowl?
You get to choose. Once you reach the checkout you can add The Touchstone for $88U.S This is an extraordinary way to enhance your experience, to deepen your relationship with the sacred and symbolic dimensions and play with subtle magic. Included in The Touchstone add-on is a Kintsugi Kit, Ritual Tools and 2 x Art Therapy Sessions to bring your alchemical creation to life. This is not compulsory. You can substitute your own symbol/touchstone if you like.
How much time will I need to devote?
The Saturday Spiritual Gym sessions will run for no longer than 90mins. Midweek sessions are approx 45-60mins. A daily devotional practice is encouraged but not essential. This (re)Creational experience moves from the shallows into the deeply profound when sacred devotion and commitment is applied. Your daily devotion could be 2mins or 2 hours, depending on your current lifestyle and commitments.
Dates and times zones don't line up? 
All sessions will be recorded. You can flow through at your own pace and easily catch up if there are any days/times you can not attend live or have to leave early.
Are sessions recorded?
All sessions are recorded so you can review or catch up at your convenience. The portal remains open for 3months after the final session is complete.
Are refunds offered?
If you showed up fully - engaging in the community, attending the sessions and completing the assigned practices with supporting evidence. If, in spite of showing up fully, you believe you got nothing out of the experience you will receive a refund minus $150 U.S to cover the cost of the Kintsugi Kit, if you selected the Touchstone as an add-on and processing fees.
What Platforms/Apps Will I need?
You will be able to access to all the recordings in the Membership area regardless of whether or not you have any of the following. However, the following platforms will give you access to all the live & alive action: Zoom, Facebook (private group), Whatsapp
Is this a form or trauma therapy?
No. If you are dealing with big T trauma or need someone physically present to support and hold you, this program is not for you (at this time). This process can touch on sensitive, raw and vulnerable areas. A baseline level of stability is important. Seek support from a licensed healthcare professional if you feel like you might come unglued in this process. Alternatively, ask your therapist if this kind of therapeutic fitness, somatic release breathwork and mindfulness program would be suitable for you at this time. If you’re unsure reach out to me and together, we can determine whether this is right for you at this moment. 
thE tIME IS now!
Yes it is. this moment. this happening. right here right now.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
7wk spiritual gym program
Payment Options
NOTE: This is an exclusive offer. The price will move to $1111 U.S on April 12th & 
spaces are limited. We are an intimate gathering of 12 twelve. 
Fortnightly Instalments
3 x Fortnightly payment of
5 × 90min Live Practice Lab
4 × 45min Mid-Week Microdose
1 x Full Moon Sister Circle
2 x Alchemical Art Therapy | Kintsugi
1 x Integration Call
Weekly Ritual (embodiment practice, meditation, workout guide, playbook.)
Membership portal containing the full library of recordings, rituals and guides
Pay in
full today

1 payment 
5 × 90min Live Practice Lab
4 × 45min Mid-Week Microdose
1 x Full Moon Sister Circle
2 x Alchemical Art Therapy | Kintsugi
1 x Integration Call
Weekly Ritual (embodiment practice, meditation, workout guide, playbook.)
Membership portal containing the full library of recordings, rituals and guides
Free Bonus
Touchstone Kintsugi Kit 

 Hear What Others Are Saying 

The whole program was deeply emotive, yet that was what I was seeking, it made me feel alive and connected in a way I haven’t felt in a very, very long time. It was incredibly powerful and quite unexpected to be honest in terms of the depth and speed that the transformations and insights appeared...
I couldn't recommend this journey more and I have pretty much already signed up for the next one! 

Kelly Fielding

These sessions have transformed my body, mind and soul. For years I have struggled with body image and failed to find a practice of physical movement that I actually enjoyed… [it has] taught me to fall in love with movement and my own body. I finally feel at peace and at home within myself. I am feeling more vibrant, alive and powerful. My libido is back (oh yeah!) and I finally feel like I have come to a beautiful place of balance between my masculine & feminine energies.

Sara Brooke

 What an amazing journey of self-discovery!! ...This container gifted me a sense of self love and kindness. It just felt easier to love myself more, take care of myself more and to allow myself to take up space. Brieann is the most beautiful and loving guide, she powerfully held safe and sacred space for us.

Melina Demertiz

Feels like a magic carpet ride...I absolutely loved the weekly themes, the meditations simultaneously uplifted and soothed my soul and the breath work sessions were profound to say the least... My own journey with the kintsugi was so insightful and reflective. It was a joy to dive into something with such mindful awareness and the analogies and lessons that came from this really took me by surprise- leaving me in tears of deep sorrow one week and tears of laughter the next. 

Kelly Fielding

final note...
This journey is coded with synchronisities and soul sonar.
As Einstein once said, "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
You are not here by accident.
Whatever mysterious starlight that guided you here
trust it was for a reason. 
Can’t wait to be with you inside.
This journey is coded with synchronicities and Soul sonar.
As Einstein once said, "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." You are not resting eyes on this by accident.
Whatever mysterious starlight that guided you here
Trust it was for a reason. Everything is a door way and I adore
this way. I believe you will too.
See you inside.


Feeling called but need a lift? Apply for a partial of full scholarship.

personal questions?

Want to make sure The Art of Alchemy is for you? 
Message @brieann_delasol on insta or email hello@wabisabiwell.com & we can chat.